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Marketing Video: Marketing Automation 101

by Malinda Wilkinson  |  
January 13, 2016

There is no denying that marketing automation delivers results: a 10% increase in marketing contribution to pipeline, a 20% increase in generated sales opportunities for nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads, and converting 53% more leads to Marketing-qualified leads.

So, why do just 5-10% of companies under $500 million in revenue use marketing automation?

The most common reasons given for reluctance to adopt marketing automation range from lack of time or budget to the inability to get executive approval.

One less-talked-about objection, however, is the most likely culprit: fear of the unknown. The biggest hesitation comes from those who have not used marketing automation before. For those unfamiliar with the technology, it can be scary to make the decision to invest in it. No one wants to screw up, or look dumb by not being able to use all the bells and whistles.

However, there are numerous resources for studying up on marketing automation. This video from Salesfusion's Marketing Minutes Video Series provides an overview of what marketing automation is, also outlining how to determine whether a business could benefit from a marketing automation solution.

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Malinda Wilkinson is CMO of Salesfusion, a leading marketing automation provider to small and medium-sized businesses.

LinkedIn: Malinda Wilkinson

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  • by Mike locke Wed Jan 13, 2016 via web

    From our members comments. Marketing automation is still
    Not understood well enough to put career on line for it
    Unproven ROI
    True cost of ownership is 10x the cost of the software when you figure in all the necessary staff needed to operate it
    It is a content marketing "Hog". You never have enough content to fill it. And the cost of generating the content cost more than the return
    Limited expertise available

    Mike locke
    President marketing technology association

  • by Malinda Thu Jan 14, 2016 via web

    Thanks for the comments, Mike. Marketing automation is definitely misunderstood, and we get similar comments from prospects as we work with many people who have not used it before. I agree that the MAPS created for large enterprises are not typically a good fit for companies with smaller teams and less resources. We have been focusing on ease of use and providing best practices and guidance to help newcomers get started and be effective with a solution. Having simple pricing with a low point of entry helps too!

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