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+ How-To: What Social Media Can't Do for International Marketing
+ Slide Show: A Cautionary Tale—Four Pitching No-Nos
+ PRO: SmartTools—Fast Marketing Plan
+ Survey Says: Tablets—News Consumption Going Mobile
+ Quick Take: Crank Up Your B2B Sales Smarts and Results
+ My View: Are You Scared Yet? It's Frankenspeak Day!
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How-To What Social Media Can't Do for International Marketing
By Liz Elting
Applying social media marketing efforts to an international audience could present unique challenges—but it doesn't have to. Learn six best-practices that'll ensure the greatest ROI in localized social media. Read More
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Slideshow A Cautionary Tale: Four Pitching No-Nos [Slide Show]
By Christian Gulliksen
If you regularly pitch story ideas to influential bloggers, you know there's a right way to do it—and a very wrong way to do it. Consider what happened when a hapless PR firm crossed swords with Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess. Read More
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PRO SmartTools: Fast Marketing Plan
You know that to succeed, you need a plan. Create one easily with SmartTools: Fast Marketing Plan—the quick-and-easy online service with a step-by-step blueprint for creating a marketing plan. Read More
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Advertisement  30 Proven Internet Marketing Strategies
By improving your online marketing skills, you can capture more leads, close more sales, and get repeat business. Infusionsoft has compiled a guidebook of ways to improve your online marketing and grow your business. Download the guide and get started today!
Survey Says
It Is Written on the Tablets: News Consumption Going Mobile
Some 18 months after the introduction of the iPad, 11% of US adults now own a tablet computer of some kind. Among them, 53% access news via tablet every day, reading long articles as well as browsing headlines. Read More
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Quick Take
Three Ways to Crank Up Your B2B Sales Smarts and Results
One natural tactic B2B marketers often turn to when seeking to increase sales is to stuff the pipeline with more leads. But lead quality will beat out lead quantity every time. Here are tips on how to sell smarter—and with less effort. Read More
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My View Are You Scared Yet? It's Frankenspeak Day!
By Ann Handley
Frankenstein Friday is an annual event that celebrates the birth of the famous fictional character. I'm co-opting the holiday, which takes place today—the last Friday in October, just in time for Halloween—to talk about my favorite kind of related monster, Frankenspeak. Read More
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@briansolis If customer relationships are important, why do we focus on the M in Social CRM & not on the R? https:////ow.ly/7aZhg
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Forum Today's Question
By farzad89 10/27/2011 at 5:59 AM
I sell security software via telemarketing, and I'm having trouble keeping clients interested as I describe the product. How can I close sales? Go To Question
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