One natural tactic (let's admit it) that B2B marketers often turn to when seeking to increase sales is to stuff the pipeline with more leads.

But time and again we hear, in response, the following argument: The quality of your leads will beat out quantity every time. As Geoffrey James puts it at the Sales Machine blog, a focus on selling to the right customers will make your B2B sales "happen more quickly."

James offers a few key tips for "selling smarter" to boost B2B results. Here are three intriguing tactics to consider:

Think about your solution as a verb. Imagine your company makes glue. If you think in terms of selling "glue," you will tend to talk product details. But if you think of your job as selling "gluing" (a verb), "you will naturally tend to talk … about the function that your offering will play in the customer's environment and business," James notes. And that helps position you as a problem-solver.

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