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+ How-To: SMS Marketing—Harvest Your Customers' Mobile Details
+ Video: The Five Rules of Great RadioRule 4 (b)
+ PRO: Subject Lines—The Hidden Impact on Subscriber Behavior
+ Survey Says: Few Smartphone Owners Use Geosocial Services
+ Quick Take: How a Typo Can Hurt Your Business
+ My View: Get Your Senior Team Excited About Your Content Strategy
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How-To SMS Marketing: How to Harvest Your Customers' Mobile Details
By Bill Hilton
SMS marketing is a huge growth area for all businesses. It's cheap, easy to track, direct, and personal. Interested? Learn how to collect your customers' mobile numbers—and keep them open to receiving texts. Read More
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Video The Five Rules of Great Radio: Rule 4 (b) [Video]
If the only thing consistent about your radio spots is that they always sound different, you may have a problem. If you're aiming for a brand sound, you'll never hit your mark if you constantly change elements. Read More
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PRO PRO-Favorite Seminar: Subject Lines—The Hidden Impact on Email Subscriber Behavior
Join us for this fast-paced seminar, and discover the keys to developing a successful subject line strategy. Learn why opens alone don't indicate success, which common subject line writing advice may be leading you astray, and why you can't always be relevant. Read More
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Advertisement  Sysomos Webinar: Going Back to Get to the Future: Reading the Market's Memory for Product Development Initiatives, Paul Gillin and Nygel Weishar, Wed. 9/21, 1 pm, ET
Learn how monitoring the past as well as present social streams can inform successful development of new products.
Survey Says
Few Smartphone Owners Check In With Geosocial Services
Only 12% of adult smartphone owners in the US say they use their phones to check in with geosocial services such as Foursquare and Gowalla, whereas 55% use their smartphones to find location-based directions or recommendations. Read More
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Quick Take
How a Typo Can Hurt Your Business
Spelling errors and typos on your homepage, landing pages, product pages, and email messages are more than just embarrassing and sloppy. They can actually hurt your business—and deliver a blow to your bottom line. Read More
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My View How to Get Your Senior Team Excited About Your Content Strategy
By Corey O'Loughlin
Let me paint a picture I suspect you're all too familiar with. You've been hearing about content marketing for years. You know it can do big things for your brand. The only problem is the powers that be don't exactly know this. Read More
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@briansolis Only 32% of companies see social media as an integrated part of marketing, sales, service https:////bit.ly/pp1hXI
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Forum Today's Question
By MossPublishing 9/6/2011 at 12:56 PM
We work with development and technology in academic publishing of literary titles, and we need an e-marketing strategy. Any ideas? Go To Question
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