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 This Week's Marketing How-To
Take 10: How to Market Your Products and Services on LinkedIn
In just 10 minutes, Jason Alba shows you how to put your brand in front of people and keep it there. Plus, learn skills to engage in relevant conversations on LinkedIn—or start them yourself. Read more >
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Learn How to Boost Your Conversion Rate
Is your website optimized for conversions and the best return on your search and advertising investments? Check out the 11 case studies in Website Conversion Success Stories and learn how to improve your landing pages to turn clicks into cash. Read more >
This Week's Top Articles

The '8Ps' of Buying Triggers
By Adrian Ott. All your customers are suffering from message overload. One way you can break through the cacophony is via triggers that redirect customer behavior. Get the full story >

What CMOs Can Learn From Mixed Martial Arts
By Matt Trocchio. Unlike many companies that say they are pro social media, the UFC is practicing what it preaches. Get the full story >

Four Lingering Myths About Video-Email Marketing
By Andy Shore. Video, long considered taboo in email marketing, can now be integrated into your campaigns now that email and online media have gotten much more sophisticated. Get the full story >

Sales and Social Media—Measuring the ROI
By Joan Curtis, Barb Giamanco. Although the ability to measure tangible results when using social media is still evolving, companies are realizing substantial savings from their social-media initiatives. Get the full story >

MarketingProfs PRO Seminars

'Where's Waldo?' Getting Found and Gaining New Business on LinkedIn
October 14

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Meanwhile, Let's Get Some Work Done...

Facebook was all over the news last week, but LinkedIn remains the workhorse of social networks.


While Facebook users last week praised and complained about and kvetched and discussed to death the changes to Facebook "Groups," it was business as usual over at LinkedIn. And by "business" I mean... well, actual business. Because LinkedIn, if you haven't noticed, is where stuff gets done.

Which is why this week we are releasing four more of our snack-sized minicasts, called Take 10s, about LinkedIn, rounding out our 10-part series about the compelling features of LinkedIn. You can see all of our LinkedIn Take 10 webcasts here.

If you want something a little longer, you might also check out this Thursday's seminar with Mark Amtower, with this beguiling title: 'Where's Waldo?' Getting Found and Gaining New Business on LinkedIn.

In that previous paragraph, I was tempted to write, "If you want something meatier." But the truth is, there's plenty to sink your teeth into in any of our Take 10s.

Remember the TS Eliot quote, "If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter"? (Or was that Cicero—or Blaise Pascal?) The snack-sized Take 10s are a digital embodiment of the notion that it's so much harder—but far more effective—to convey value in something short and succinct. So check 'em out!

PS: Are you coming to SocialTech in two weeks? Or are you going to break my heart?

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