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Five Ways to Integrate Mobile Into the B2B Marketing Mix

Christina Kerley ("CK")
Valerie Witt
Thu., Nov. 4, 2010, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 5 star(s)

While B2C marketers are tapping mobile technologies in earnest, B2B marketers have not yet fully recognized that mobile represents a remarkable, revenue-driving channel. When it comes to mobile, the majority of today's B2B marketers simply aren't sure what is available to them, which tools to integrate, and where to even start.

But with an adoption rate in the billions already, and with analysts from Gartner and Morgan Stanley forecasting mobile to overtake PCs for 'first-screen' Web access in a few short years, there's no denying it: Mobile has arrived and it changes both how B2B buying audiences connect with one another and how B2B brands need to connect with them.

Simply look around you, and you'll see that your B2B audiences are NEVER without their Web-enabled mobile devices (be they smartphones or iPads). Their attention is now directed at their mobile devices ... so if getting their attention is what you seek ... then your marketing must tap into the mobile channel.

In this seminar, we'll replace confusion with clarity by illuminating how mobile is relevant for B2Bs and highlight 5 ways you can leverage mobile across your branding, lead-gen and content-marketing initiatives. You'll learn why mobile is essential for B2B, and how it can boost your current marketing programs. Plus, you'll get key action points for what you could be doing with mobile right now (instead of what you're missing) and a glossary of mobile approaches!


Christina Kerley ("CK") is a marketing specialist who guides B2Bs through the complexities of modern marketing (and modern technologies) by setting strategic course, identifying growth opportunities and developing programs that bolster revenues, customer relationships and market relevancy. Blending core marketing principles with the new best practices, for over 15 years she has worked with Fortune 500, mid-sized enterprise and start-up companies across such industries as technology, media, mobile, health sciences and professional services.

An insightful, impassioned voice in B2B, CK's unique views and personality have made her an engaging writer, speaker, trainer and graduate-level adjunct Professorówith her content on B2B social media marketing and B2B mobile marketing especially popular among today's marketers. Ranking in Smarter SM's "100 Smartest People in Social Media" and 451Marketing's "Top Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2010," she is a featured writer for top B2B marketing outlets in the U.S. and U.K. and a presenter at industry events. Her B2B marketing consultancy is based in New York City.

Who Should Attend?

B2B marketers looking to integrate mobile into their marketing mix, and those who are wanting to keep an eye on new developments in the mobile space, will enjoy this seminar.

What Will You Learn?

  • Content tips: Tips to optimize your existing content for mobile environments
  • Apps: Critical success factors of B2B mobile apps
  • Mobile Approaches: 5 tactical approaches, including SMS Alerts, Mobile Websites, and Location-Based Marketing
  • Benefits: Key B2B benefits to get your bosses on board with mobile

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