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This Week's Marketing How-To

How Marketing Can Lead the Charge for Business Innovation

By Laura Patterson. It is time for marketing executives and professionals to step into a leadership role and lead the innovation charge! Get the full story >

Case Study

How Siemens Medical Proved That a Landing Page with a Single, Compelling Offer Is More Effective

Company: Siemens Medical Solutions
Location: Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Industry: B2B
Get the full story >
This Week's Top Articles

11 Lessons Learned From Podcasting
By Brian Carroll. Podcasting can offers a new way to reach your customers, but only if you can produce compelling, "buzz-worthy" content. Get the full story >

How to Explain OpenSocial to Your Executives
By Jeremiah Owyang. If you are partially or wholly responsible for the direction of your Web site, you have to be able to explain OpenSocial in clear and concise terms. Get the full story >

MarketingProfs Podcast: Eduardo Conrado, Using Thought Leadership to Position Motorola
By Paul Dunay. Hear Conrado's approach to thought leadership and his definition of success. Bonus: Which Web 2.0 tactics work? Get the full story >

MarketingProfs 'Classic Truths': Sex! Why Getting Your Attention Isn't Always Enough
By Debbie MacInnis. Can you remember a great ad, but you have no idea who or what it was advertising? Don't less this happen to you! Get the full story >

MarketingProfs Online Seminars

What You Need to Know About Becoming (or Hiring) a Marketing Consultant
November 8


Want to Show How Marketing Makes Money?

Marketing must be able to track and measure their impact on sales to optimize marketing efficiency
and boost revenues. Learn how to prove ROI with this 5-step plan from Vtrenz.

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A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Psst! Wanna Be a Consultant?

I have two things on deck this week.

First: Some days, donít you want to chuck the 9-5 gig and work for yourself? If youíve ever considered switching to the "dark side," from corporate to consulting, consider attending Michael Goodmanís Thursday seminar, What You Need To Know About Becoming (or Hiring) a Consultant.


Michael's played for the Independent team for years, but heís also got a corporate tattoo from his years at the likes of P&G and Frito-Lay, so he sees the issue from both sides -- its highs and low, pluses and minuses. In other words, he knows his stuff! Check it out here.

And second: for all of you B2B marketers out there, MarketingProfs this week releases its Direct Marketing How-To Guide , subtitled, "Your Template for Optimal Media Selection for Direct Marketing." Yes, thatís a mouthful... but the shorthand is that this is the guide that can help you sort out all of the many options and channels available: like direct mail, email, search engines, trade shows, SEO, and the like. The template, written by MP contributing writer Ruth Stevens, also reveals some interesting trends in spending for B2B marketers. So if that's you, check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. A shout of thanks to all of you who offered feedback on the new newsletter design (even for those who hated it)! We took your kudos and criticisms to heart: We moved some things around, made paid content obvious, and opened up more white space. We think it's better for the tweaking, wouldn't you agree?

Upcoming Events

Publicity Power Tool: Building a Great Press Kit
November 15 with Gail Z. Martin

Jack Trout on Worldwide Positioning, an Encore Presentation
November 28 with Jack Trout

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