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This Week's Marketing How-To
'Hypey' Copy That Converts, and How to Write It
By Barry A. Densa. Hype excites the emotions, stimulates the buying glands, and ultimately converts better. But how to you differentiate bad hype (like that first sentence) from good hype? Get the full story >
Case Study: What Works!
How a Small Company Went Global (Without Breaking the Bank)

CASE STUDY: In the age of globalization and the Internet, extending your reach beyond you home market is easier than ever... if you put some strategic thinking behind it. Get the full story >
This Week's Top Articles

Five Tools for Tracking, Measuring, and Evaluating Your Personal Brand Online
By William Arruda. Here are five easy-to-use Web tools to help you get a handle on how powerful and prevalent your virtual personal brand is. Get the full story >

Growing Subscription Revenue With Triggered Emails and Online Renewals: How Three Companies Did It
By Winston Bowden. Here's how three organizations applied best-practices for deploying triggered emails to drive renewals (and what tips and tricks you can use to do the same). Get the full story >

Seven Questions Local Businesses Should Answer Before Investing in SEO
By Kenton Newby. Although search engine optimization has proven to be a profitable marketing channel, ask yourself these questions before investing in a full-blown SEO campaign. Get the full story >

Social Media Reality-Check
By Brandon Walsh. Is the social-media explosion a "big bang" that's creating a whole new brand-communications paradigm, or is it part of an ongoing evolution? Get the full story >

MarketingProfs Online Seminars

Social Media in the B2B Universe: What's Working Now
September 23

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Closing Out Digital Marketing World and Our Summer Series

Let's have a show of hands: Who attended last week's virtual Digital Marketing World?

I know a lot of you did, and thanks for coming. It was an amazing event (and don't worry if you missed it—the whole thing is still available on demand).


One of my favorite sessions was the keynote with Tina Brown. Tina isn't a marketer, of course. She's an editor, publisher, and writer. But her experience matching the message to the audience (and her advice on how to grow an audience's engagement with you and your message) is directly relevant to marketing today. That's especially true as more and more organizations are relying on content to attract and retain customers, which narrows that gap between what Tina does and what you do.

I encourage you to check it out—especially the latter half of her video talk and the Q&A at the end, when she really gets to the meat of the issue.

And speaking of dynamic women, be sure to check out Sandy Carter's online seminar this Wednesday, September 23rd, at noon Eastern. Sandy's session, Social Media in the B2B Universe: What's Working Now, caps our Social Media Summer Series, a nine-seminar series that explains how to effectively and efficiently integrate social media into your marketing mix. It's kind of like Social Media Marketing training-in-a-box. If you missed any of the sessions, or want to go through them again, the whole thing is available on demand, too, for our Premium members.

PS: By the time you read this, I'll be in Los Angeles, poolside, sipping an umbrella-garnished fruity drink out of a curvy glass.

Ha. I wish. Actually, I'll be meeting with the MarketingProfs management team (still fun, but not so relaxing). If you'll be in LA (actually, Santa Monica), too, why don't you stop by the Bodega in Santa Monica Wednesday after work for a glass of wine, and to say hi?

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October 15 with Michael Goodman

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