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In this current economy, the deployment of technology and professional services is the foundation of every major business market revenue growth and new business success.

From funeral homes to theme parks, technology utilization is the consistent element for business controls and increased corporate productivity. Due to this infiltration, technology and professional services sales opportunities continue to expand for well-managed and aggressive technology firms.

When business development is correctly launched, technology companies' revenue and market share rise. But when it is incorrectly deployed IT companies fail. Yet today IT, software, and professional services companies continue to miss their firm's forecasted revenues and most do not understand why.

If you look at the current environment of IT business operating cycles and methodologies deployed, one can identify five specific reasons why high tech firms continue to be stuck in the downward curve of the revenue success cycle.

The five factors affecting IT firms' revenue success today are:

1. Failure of IT companies to use an outbound sales model to sell.

2. Continued calculation of inaccurate sales forecasts.

3. Continued confusion of what the intellectual property of high tech firms is.

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Paul DiModica is President of DigitalHatch, Inc. (www.digitalhatch.com)