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Would you really dare to give each client a gift of $500 each this Christmas? What about something worth $2000? Or maybe $5000?

You think I'm joking right? I mean, here you are struggling with your 50-cent marketing budget and I'm giving you the key to your bankruptcy. At Christmas time, too!

Marie Ain't No Santa Claus!

Nope! She's just like you and me.

She can do the Ho! Ho! Ho bit, until she's faced with the prospect of expensive client gifts. Oh sure she wants to revel in the spirit of giving, but her bank balance is screaming for some mouth to mouth resuscitation. And that's something she can't ignore.

What's Worse Is Marie's Clients Probably Won't Even Like the Gifts!

Look at yourself. Did you really like that burgundy sweater you got last year? Or that gift basket full of calorie-ridden chocolates that made you wish you hadn't seen them at all?

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