Finding the coordination to do a yoga move, fine-tune your backhand or push that puck to a goal can be challenging. But coordinating two sides of your business can be downright painful.

In today's column, we're reaching out to our trusted SWOT Team members for coordination tips. We encourage you to provide your advice for this issue's marketing dilemma : How to better coordinate call center and marketing teams. We also want to thank you for your timely thoughts on the previous dilemma: Established company enters niche market. Read below to see your peers' best advice.

If we haven't hit on the marketing challenge currently raising your blood pressure, ask our SWOT Team for help regarding your own dilemma. Join us. We promise you won't be disappointed. And maybe we can get that pressure to drop back to normal (especially after we work out that coordination thing). Tapping into our collective experience, strength and hope really works! And you could win a copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing .

This Issue's Dilemma

Swot Category – Internal Weakness

Coordinating Our Call Center and Marketing Teams

As a marketing director, I am frequently frustrated by the lack of coordination between our marketing team and call center. For example, I do monthly reports about our marketing efforts: how many printed pieces went out, who visited the Web site, who called in about our latest direct mail campaign or ad, etc. The call center information is received from a different part of our organization, and it's still kind of a mystery. I'm not clear about what info was given to customers and prospects and what info came in; and then I'm not sure how to compare it to my own tracking numbers. What infrastructure or checkpoints help most with these interactions?

Could you please ask your readers how their call center and marketing department successfully interact? 

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