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Brad Hill has worked in the online field since 1992 and was a recognized authority on search engines long before two now-famous Stanford graduate students started tinkering with what would eventually become Google.

His popular books, among them Google For Dummies, Yahoo! For Dummies, and Internet Searching For Dummies, share a knack for taking what are often highly technical concepts and presenting them in ways that are immediately useful to the average reader. His latest book, Building Your Business with Google For Dummies, was released June 14.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Brad some questions about his background, his take on the current and future search engine landscape, and his latest book.

SB: Your new book, Building Your Business with Google For Dummies, was recently released. Please give us a brief overview of the book and the topics covered.

BH: The book covers principles of site optimization (for Google in particular), the basics of search engine marketing, and goes into substantial detail about AdWords and AdSense. The AdSense part (three chapters) is probably the most detailed tutorial in existence for optimizing AdSense code. The AdWords section, of course, is meaty. I had to force myself not to turn the whole book over to AdWords. I'm glad to give readers a grounding in SEO and SEM.

SB: Your interest in search engines is apparent from your publication history. How did your fascination with the world of search begin?

BH: I remember when Gopher was introduced to the Internet, before the Web was invented. Gopher was revelatory to those days, because it offered the first coherent way to search for Internet content. Later, when the Web came along, search was not an immediate priority. Yahoo! had great impact on the early Web—but as a directory, not a global search engine. My first For Dummies book was about search engines, vintage 1995. AltaVista was huge, Deja News was becoming important, and Boolean operators were advanced material.

SB: Your publisher says that your latest book was written “in cooperation with Google, which will help support the book.” What is your relationship with Google, and how will they help to support the book?

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