Seek and ye shall find. But not always.

According to an IDC (International Data Corporation) report from last year, knowledge workers spend 15-30% of their day searching for information. What's worse, more than half of their online searches fail.

That doesn't bode well for us, does it? Hopefully, this series has gone a long way to help you make the invisibly rich Internet more visible. We close this series by tapping into the wisdom and experience of two renowned Google experts—Nancy Blachman and Tara Calishain—who share some of their favorite tips, tools, insights, and search strategies for researching with Google.

Nancy Blachman is coauthor of How To Do Everything With Google (McGraw Hill 2003) and publishes the Google Guide e-book and Web site ( Tara Calishain is author of the just-released Web Search Garage (Prentice Hall 2004), coauthor of Google Hacks (O'Reilly 2003), and publishes the ResearchBuzz Web site (

You will learn a lot from these two experts. But perhaps the biggest revelation will be what an amazing research tool Google Answers is. First, we'll talk about where Google Answers fits into the marketer's toolkit.

"Google Answers": Your New Secret Weapon

I introduced you to Google Answers ( last week. You may recall that at the time, after nearly a week, I had not yet received any responses to my request for market research data for the frozen vegetables market.

Since then, I've received a bounty of market research information. I appended a clarification to my question, and suddenly I attracted some attention.

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