Prior to days of the dot-com, it was expected that individuals intent on leading corporations of the future would attain a university degree. At that time, higher education was believed to correlate directly with success in the real world and the corporate environment.

At the peak of the e-commerce frenzy, however, studying doctorates and undergrads alike were all too happy to abandon their credential quest for a chance to roll the dice in the instant millionaires club of the late '90s. In fact, many of the greatest minds of today's business world left university before completing their degree, going on to wield power in some of the most successful enterprises of our day.

While most entrepreneurial types will tell you they love learning, many find it difficult to stay within the bounds of university curriculum. What is the role of education in regard to career opportunities? Does it take a special breed of individual to make it in the real world without the traditional academic foundation that society and the corporate world deems important? This issue's dilemma asks: Are obtaining a degree and academic credentials still vital to success?

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This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: Internal Weakness

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