Nothing is more dangerous to a marketer than the New Year.

The New Year has way too much oxygen. It makes you want to want to climb the semi-highest mountain. Swim half the river, perhaps.

It's like being in a plane with too much rocket fuel, Vrrooom, vrrooom, and more vrrooom!

Suddenly, you feel tough enough to take on 32,587 projects...

You want to get right into the meat of promoting your Web site, creating knockout copy for your brochure, putting together presentations that will drive customers by the truckload.

Hmmm... you've just inherited a curse: the curse of 32,584 projects too many.

Without realizing it, you're going to head right bang smack into trying to do too much in too little time. And, suddenly, focus becomes a headache.

Let me draw up a 'migraine list' for you...

  1. Updating your blog

  2. Digging into search engine marketing

  3. Revamping your site

  4. Putting more power into your sales pitch

  5. Creating and marketing of new products

  6. Testing everything (yes, everything!)Trying to work out Google ads and Adsense

  7. Working on newsletter and other forms of education

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