Search optimization is about getting links. The more links you get to your Web site, the more likely you are to get into the first page of search engine results.

In other words, killer Web content gets killer Web links. Last week, we covered the basics. Here, we continue the conversation.

Go for quality

Go out and get links, and try to control the words in the links you get. Remember, an easy-to-get link is probably of little value.

Be careful about reciprocal linking

The "you give me a link and I'll give you a link" approach is the easiest—though usually the least effective—way to get linked.

If their link is dependent on your giving them a link back, be careful. Unless linking to them provides real value to your reader, don't do it. Remember, every time you provide an external link, you provide one more exit point from your Web site; and if you put up enough exit points, people will leave.

Get linked from Web sites that don't link much

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