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The Fantasy: Your marketing budget is packed to the brim with money to help build your dream marketing team. You hire nothing short of the best. Life is good.

The Reality: Your staff is overworked, your budget's tight and you complete about half of the projects on your to-do list.

This reality is what many marketing managers and small businesses face on a daily basis. Even so, you're still expected to consistently produce better results—and the bar keeps on rising while you keep losing resources.

It's situations like those that call for the outsourced consultants and freelancers of the world to help turn your fantasy marketing team into a reality.

What Can You Outsource?

You can outsource just about anything. With the layoffs and budget cuts that plague marketing departments and agencies, there are a ton of freelancers out there ready and willing to take on your projects. Everyone from designers to copywriters to project mangers can be brought in to help with any number of marketing communications tasks.

Many times, you can find a team of freelancers that regularly work together. Look for freelancers by doing a Web search, browsing the yellow pages or seeking referrals from colleagues.

Wanted: Good Copywriting and Design

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Greg Quigley is a business writer and owner of Q-Com Business Writing (www.qcomnet.com).