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You can have the greatest show on Earth... but if no one knows about it, nobody will see it. For many kinds of entertainment—from video games to live theater—word of mouth works very well.

But, of course, word of mouth alone may not be enough. When marketing entertainment, you may need to help things along, especially if it's a new show or product. One reader suggests kick-starting word of mouth for live entertainment. Valuable advice from other readers follows. Keep in mind that if you marry content with technology, you might experience amazing results.

Marketing life isn't always a cabaret, old chum

I am with an up-and-coming burlesque dance troupe based in Houston, Texas. Currently, clubs and magazines are contacting us regarding performances and article write-ups. We want to put together a media kit or something to send out to inform clubs, venues and fans about us, but we do not know where to start. Our marketing strategy currently consists of handing out fliers, word of mouth and our Web site. What should our next steps be to expand the target market and increase exposure?

—Ruth, Marketing Coordinator

Eileene Chong, marketing and communications manager at Comex Genesys Bhd., advises to promote everyone who was involved in the production in the media kit:

Start by collecting photos of the cast and past performances. Then do a write-up about the production and create a profile of the cast. Also include the latest news and events relating to performance schedules and the venue. Compile them all, and you have your media kit ready for anyone who asks for it!

Kristin Chadwick, marketing director at Blueprint Communications, provides ideas on how to develop a creative campaign:

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