Do you hear the "call of the wired"? You should. In the US alone, a whopping 70% of the population (adults 18+) now uses the Internet. What's more, reports the Pew Internet Project, on a typical day 38% of wired adults use a search engine and 30% go online just for fun or to pass the time.

Bottom line: The wired world is brimming with purchase potential and it's high time to answer the call. Are you...

  • Harnessing wired (and wireless) innovations to woo prospective buyers?

  • Tapping into the ever-evolving treasure chest of wired capabilities to transform one-time purchasers into staunch advocates?

Consider the following five firms and how each is using wired solutions to address the multi-stage challenges of growing loyal customers.

Suspects and Prospects: Create genuine interest

The wired buyer has a propensity to gather information from other customers rather than traditional media sources or from the vendor itself. Therefore, to transition suspects and prospects into buyers, sellers must find ways to spread positive word of mouth through current customers and supporters.

Three key elements drive this process: (1) simple ideas that are (2) word-of-mouth friendly and are supported by (3) tools to facilitate customer conversation.

Interactive infusion. When Proctor & Gamble launched its Secret Sparkle body spray products in February 2005, the packaged goods giant also launched, three months later, the blog, By July, the body sprays, targeted to teen girls, had captured 0.8 percent of the $10.4-billion global antiperspirant/deodorant market.

Fanning this flame of introductory success was the blog, which receives 12,000 visitors per week, reports Bruce Katsman, Secret Brand manager; the average site visitor spends an impressive 25 minutes with the brand.

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