Last week, we ended part 1 of this two-part series with a quick discussion of the perceived entry barriers to marketing to Hispanics. We now take a brief look at the tactics that marketers use to reach the Hispanic market, and discuss in depth search engine marketing (SEM) as an optimal way of reaching Hispanics.

Marketing Tactics

The next chart shows how marketers attempt to reach both the general and the Hispanic markets. The chart does not reflect the about of budget allocation, but merely whether a marketing tactic is used.

It's clear that search engine optimization is the most popular marketing tactic; more importantly, however, it's likely the most important internet marketing effort because it relies on a pull strategy, based on users' needs, rather than a push strategy that's focused on brand awareness and potential reach.

The following chart provides a visual presentation of how pull marketing attracts a more targeted market and is based on persuasion, whereas permission marketing is more about communities, occupying a middle ground in consumer's intent, and push marketing is used more for reach and awareness.

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Ignacio Hernandez Jr. Nacho Hernandez, founder and CEO of iHispanic Marketing Group (, has been involved with international business, e-commerce, and marketing since 1996 and has been targeting the U.S. online Hispanic market since 2000.