In part 1 of this article, we discussed how important links are to the SEO equation and why blogs are favored by the major search engines. Then we looked at some useful tips about optimizing your blog for search engines, including tweaking your title tags, streamlining your URLs, tagging your posts, and offering links to related posts and to your most popular posts.

Here we look at five more tips to get your blog to the top of the search results.

Tip #6: Anchor Text

This one's so basic, yet so critical, to SEO success: Make sure that within your blog template you link to the blog post's permalink URL from the title of the post. That will provide you with much better (contextual) anchor text than the word "permalink" will.

What's wrong with the word "permalink"? Nothing, if that's the word you want to rank No. 1 for in the search engines!

The only thing worse than the anchor text of "Permalink" is "Click here." (Unless of course you wish to rank tops in the search engines for "click here"!) Your anchor text (AKA link text), should contain keywords relevant to your business. The search engines associate those underlined words with the page that you're linking to.

I'm not suggesting you remove all mentions of the word "permalink" from your blog. Rather, I'm suggesting that you augment those keyword-anemic links with keyword-rich text links. On my blog, I have two links to the permalink URL: one from the post's title, the other at the end of the post where it says "Permalink". (I'm presuming here that you're already putting good keywords in the titles of your blog posts since that was the topic of my Tip #1.)

Also, when writing your blog posts, look for opportunities to refer to and link to previous posts or related content that you've got up on the Web. And, of course, put some thought into the anchor text you use when linking to this related content.

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