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Nothing gets the adrenalin pumping quite like an AdWords campaign that delivers a strong ROI.

Success brings a big grin on your face when you realize you can invest more in the campaign, expand the base of keywords, and make even more money. The more you spend, the more you make.

It's a great moment, while it lasts.

But it doesn't last forever. There will come a point when you hit a plateau. You have tested and optimized different headlines, body text and ad groups, you have adjusted the bid prices, and included just about every related keyword you can imagine.

What Happens?

There a few things that can start to dilute the impact of your campaign.

It may plateau because you have pretty much saturated the niche audience you are appealing to.

You may also have hit the top when it comes to a reasonable bid on your keywords. Should you increase your bid to get yourself into top position every time? Not necessarily. The cost per click in third position may give you a positive ROI. But the extra cents or dollars it would take to get you in the number one spot, while increasing click-throughs, might result in a negative ROI when you do the math on cost per sale.

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Nick Usborne has been working as a copywriter and trainer for over 35 years. He is the author of Net Words, as well as several courses for online writers and freelancers. Nick is also an advocate for Conversational Copywriting.

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