This article provides a checklist of actions you can take to rapidly increase the link popularity of your Web site. In my humble opinion, 80% of free traffic is generated by just two activities:

  • Regularly adding great-quality, highly focused content to your Web site
  • Getting inbound links from well-ranked, reputable, and relevant sites

If you do theses two things really well, your Web site will receive good rankings and a lot of free traffic.

What Is Link Building? Why Is it So Important?

Link building is the tactic of getting other Web sites to link to your Web site. This is a crucial part of online marketing for three main reasons:

  • When the search engines are indexing and ranking your Web site to decide how high up to place it on the search results pages, they look at how many Web sites link to yours. They also look at the quality of the linking site (its "PageRank") and at how relevant the content is to your content.
  • Links from other sites generate traffic directly to your Web site, and if they are good links on relevant sites, the traffic should be well targeted.
  • Links build your online reputation and authority. If readers in your industry keep finding references to you and your Web site on a lot of the sites they visit, it builds their trust in you, and trust builds traffic.


I would like to acknowledge the following sources, which were used to help build this list:

114 Ways to Build Links

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