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Key Tune-up Tips to Keep Your Email Campaigns Humming

by Lena Waters  |  
April 10, 2007

Rendering and deliverability are the yin and yang of email marketing. Rendering is the grabber, the creative spark that moves recipients into taking action on our requests. Deliverability is the art and science of getting into people's inboxes.

But how many marketers make the effort to periodically evaluate the email itself for these two critical elements, and not just analyze the results it generates?

Beyond the concrete statistics of rendering and deliverability is the amorphous cloud of best practices (some technical, some not) that go into making an email marketing campaign successful. Although daunting, creating an email message to increase brand awareness, or initiate an action from the subscriber, is often viewed as a one-shot deal—in other words, once you have designed the template, you can subsequently use it for all future mailings.

But in this era of blocked images, preview panes, new ISP deliverability rules, and the constant flux in rendering issues associated with Web-based and desktop email clients, a one-size-fits-all email design just won't cut it.

Each email template needs to be "tuned-up"—that is, assessed and configured optimally for each campaign for it to truly deliver.

Look at the engine

Marketers tend to look at campaigns and evaluate the results based on benchmarks they have already set. With email, this means comparing the open rates, deliverability statistics, click-throughs, and so on, from campaign to campaign.

However, it's important to not only compare how these campaign results differ from one another but also periodically examine why. Taking a fresh look at the campaign and taking stock of what makes a good email message work can uncover possible glitches that may be putting the brakes on your results.

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Lena Waters is director of marketing for EmailLabs (, a subsidiary of J.L. Halsey Corporation ( She received the Stevie Award for "Best Marketer" from the American Business Awards in 2006.

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