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Email Appending Is More Than a Process

by Reggie Brady  |  
February 5, 2008

Email address appending has been in use since the late '90s, and if my inbox is any gauge there's a rebound in its use.

I've recently received emails from catalogers, publishers, and major marketers with which I've done business in the past, asking permission to send me emails. And that's the first key to successful appending, since it is meant only for existing relationships.

Most marketers have email addresses for less than half their customers and prospects. If this is the case for your company, it might make sense to explore email appending.

Let's first look at the process, and then we'll examine how one publisher implemented its communication plan.

How the Process Works

Many companies offer email appending services. The larger services have 70-90 million records with name, address information, and email address. You provide them with names and addresses of customers or prospects, and they match your file against their database.

You should use fairly tight match criteria and match on an individual-name—not on a last-name or household—level.

Match rates for business-to-business will be in the 10-15 percent range and consumer marketers can expect 25-30 percent.

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Reggie Brady is president of Reggie Brady Marketing Solutions (, a direct and email marketing consultancy. She can be reached at (203) 838-8138 or

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  • by Kathy Fri Feb 22, 2008 via web

    How do I contact these companies who offer email appending services for consumer marketers?

  • by Pete D Wed Apr 2, 2008 via web

    HI Kathy
    I work for an Email Appending Company.You could log on to our website or feel free to call 512-212-4131


  • by Jodi B Wed May 7, 2008 via web

    FreshAddress, Inc. is a reputable email appending provider. We offer the highest match rates due to our large proprietary internal database and multi-source approach. Our results are 100% Guaranteed Deliverable --
    you only pay only for deliverable email addresses. We offer the highest quality and accuracy due to our multi-step List Audit & Hygiene process on Append services. All of the emails we append are 100% opted-in and permission-messaged. FreshAddress has been in business since 1999, so we offer experience and knowledge. We are also the original developer and patent-holder of Email Change of Address technology. We are obsessed with compliance and trustworthiness and strictly adhere to CAN-SPAM, FCC, and DMA regulations.

    Visit our website: or contact us at 617-965-4500 or toll-free at 800-321-3009.


  • by Traci Browne Thu Jul 29, 2010 via web

    I thought this all sounded reasonable until you got to the part where you send 6 more e-mails. This is just spam in a different prettier wrapper but it's still spam.

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