As any good search engine optimization company knows, in search, more so than any other medium, you have a very short window of opportunity for engaging your prospect.

The only way to get a solid competitive advantage in SEO is to use techniques that ensure you are giving a prospect exactly what he or she is looking for. Otherwise, your prospect will simply click the back button and visit one of your competitors—a process that takes mere seconds.

One way to gain a competitive advantage, of course, is to work on the Web site itself. Also, any search engine optimization company worth its salt will be involved in conversion testing on your Web site—in other words, making certain that the visitors who arrive on your site are likely to take action that eventually leads to a sale. Split tests, modifications in content, different color schemes, and variations of numerous other elements can all have a measurable impact.

There is also another way that a quality search engine optimization company will seek to maximize the value of the prospects that find your Web site through search engines: using your company differentiators in the keyphrases that prospects target, in order to make sure the traffic that comes to your site is of a very high quality.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Differentiators

As more and more companies turn to organic search to gain a competitive advantage while promoting their products and services, it can be increasingly difficult to achieve high rankings for the generic terms that everyone in your industry is pursuing.

Though any ranking is ultimately attainable, eventually a search engine optimization company has to decide whether the effort involved is worth it, especially when it recognizes that you can get overall better results from the campaign by making sure that a very high percentage of people who are typing keyphrases into search engines are looking for exactly what you offer.

This is why your search engine optimization company should be able to leverage differentiators in your keyphrases to give you the best competitive advantage available.

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Scott Buresh is founder and CEO of Medium Blue, an award-winning search engine optimization company.

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