In our day-to-day gigs, we are tasked with making our organizations better through the decisions we make… or don't make. In a business society with so many of us offering nearly the same product and so many looking for the most bang for the business buck, there's no better time than now to try a different approach to marketing to the masses.

Cue screeching tires.

Going into unchartered territory can be difficult for marketers because of that fear of the unknown, the unpredictability that surrounds what the results could be and the fear of failing.

Think about that train of thought. It's kind of backward, right? We'd rather try what others have attempted and make tweaks to attempt our version of success, rather than blaze our own trail and find something new that others would want to replicate.

The same old, same old is boring, less than innovative, and vanilla.

Cue email marketing and the greatest asset you're not using: click-throughs—the cookies and cream to your vanilla blues.

In every email campaign, you should have direct links to specific pages on your website, helping you gauge and track what's moving the meter in your emails. If you're using a proper email service provider (ESP), you should be able to easily see in real time who clicked on those links at what time and on what day.

To recap:

  • You have a marketing tool at your disposal that can show you in real time who is taking the effort to click on something of interest in an email.
  • Based on the data you originally imported (basic contact information, telephone), you have a ready-made exportable contact list for your sales representatives that is better than any bland/vague list they are using now.
  • That capability is baked into an application you're already using and paying for.

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Josh Nason is the inbound marketing manager at Dyn Inc., an infrastructure-as-a-service company that specializes in enterprise DNS and email services. Follow him at @joshnason, @dyninc, and @sendlabs.