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You Had Me at 'Recession-Proof': The Hispanic Market

by Blaire Borthayre  |  
July 7, 2009

The Hispanic market seems to be the only one still flourishing these days in the face of economic doom and gloom.

Foreign-born Hispanics in the US have been historically unaffected by economic downturns. Why? Experian Consumer Research reports that 58% of Hispanics did not use a credit card in the last month and that approximately one-third opt for cash transactions, making them less likely to be affected by the credit crunch.

Hispanic households often have multiple sources of income from family members, allowing them greater percentages of expendable income.

In addition, many immigrants are accustomed to weathering tough financial times and don't connect with the sense of panic that other Americans are experiencing. They also do not rely on English-language media sources and subsequently are not manipulated by "the end is near" reporting. No wonder the Selig Center for Economic Growth projects that in 2009 Hispanic buying power will actually grow—to $1.1 trillion.

Smart businesses will take this opportunity to hire a Hispanic-marketing expert and win big despite the news reports. But everywhere you look, someone is hanging out a shingle claiming expertise in reaching Hispanics. So how do you make the right choice?

In 1849, America was gripped with Gold Rush fever. Thousands of people streamed into California, lured by the promise of riches "in them there hills." Fortune seekers were greeted by "guides" who claimed to be experts at finding elusive veins of gold. Most people went home with pockets full of pyrite, or fool's gold. Don't make the same mistake.

Follow these six steps to hiring the real McCoy and keeping your business afloat during tough times:

1. Don't assume that someone who is born with a Spanish last name has special knowledge about marketing to Hispanics. Hispanic marketing is a field of study. Being born Hispanic does not magically impart such knowledge. So don't be tempted to ask Mr. Perez in Accounting to fill the slot.

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Blaire Borthayre is a Mexican-American consultant in the field of Hispanic marketing and CEO of Hispanic Marketing Resources (

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  • by Scott Pierce Tue Jul 7, 2009 via web

    Brilliant insight Blaire! Thanks for sharing.

  • by Blaire Borthayre Wed Jul 8, 2009 via web

    P.S Scott couldn't get his comment to post so I did it for him.

  • by Mariano Di Pietrantonio Mon Jul 13, 2009 via web

    Im from Argentina, what i have to say about the difference between Hispanics and the rest of people, is that we born in a place where ALWAYS have financial, political, society (insert field of your taste) problems. Not just for a period of time, we deal with it, since we are kids.
    The hispanic client has much more common sense in spending time, just that, it is not a rare or difficult market, every spend has to fit a need.
    Sorry if my english is not well written, but i learned by myself. (another hispanic fact)

  • by Harley Axelrod Tue Mar 2, 2010 via web

    The key issue for those who want to maximize this incredible 'market' share's value is NOT just how REACH Hispanic customers but how to retain them and help this part of your business grow. Customers who feel that they have been properly treated and understood have incredible brand loyalty and are more likely to become product evangelists. Small changes including providing multiple levels of 'language of choice' options work small wonders.

  • by Blaire Borthayre Wed Apr 21, 2010 via web

    Harvey, while that may be true, the topic of this article wasn't reaching Hispanics or retention of Hispanic clients, it was how to hire a Hispanic Marketing consultant.

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