If you thought saying something useful in 140 characters on Twitter was hard work, good luck with the 95 characters you have available when writing a Google AdWords ad.

The constraint of the character count is just one of several challenges you will be facing when writing your PPC ads.

You will also have to put aside the way you approach writing regular "advertisements."

Contextual ads, whether delivered by Google, Yahoo, or any other company, are not standalone ads in the way that a newspaper classified ad is. In fact, your PPC ad is simply the connector between a desired keyword or phrase and a destination landing page.

So while you may have some wonderful things to say about your products or services, your PPC ad is not the place to try to cram your latest sales message into 95 characters.

A PPC ad serves a very specific function in a very specific way. Its purpose is simply to match the thought in a reader's mind and then move that person forward to your landing page with a click.

1. Always include a strong keyword in the title

When someone goes to Google and types the phrase "office coffee maker" and is presented with page one of the search results, you can be sure that his or her mind is already preset to recognize the phrase "office coffee maker."

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Nick Usborne has been working as a copywriter and trainer for over 35 years. He is the author of Net Words, as well as several courses for online writers and freelancers. Nick is also an advocate for Conversational Copywriting.

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