A jolt. That's what you want from your product launch. An impact that will ripple through your customer base, resound with your prospects, and shake up your competitors. Smart, strategic launches always create a jolt. It's the way to jumpstart a product, gain market share, enhance a brand.

But how do you create that jolt? Especially in a saturated market? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the task, especially given the nature of product launches: multiple stakeholders, endless tasks, tight schedules, a looming deadline.

Whether your launch is for an entirely new product or a line extension, these seven marketing communication musts will put you on the path to success.

1. Secure a great name

It's an essential first step. Make sure that the name is memorable, relevant, and easy to pronounce. (In other words, if you see it, you should be able to say it. If you hear it, you should be able to spell it.)

Help your product development team let go of that comfortable "working" name they've used during development, even if they can't fathom calling the product anything else. Internal names rarely serve your marketing interests. Also avoid acronyms or straightforward descriptive labels. They rarely impress customers or distinguish you from competitors.

If your product is a line extension, think carefully how the name fits within your existing brand structure—and offers possibilities for product add-ons. Make sure the name you choose works within the greater context of your brand.

2. Nail down the "what is it?" description

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Gwyneth Dwyer is director of writing services at Larsen (www.larsen.com), an interactive, branding, and design firm with offices in Minneapolis and San Francisco. She blogs at MarketingProfs Daily Fix (www.mpdailyfix.com). Reach her at g.dwyer@larsen.com.