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Ten Steps for Creating a FANtastic Facebook Fan Page

by Mari Smith  |  
October 13, 2009

Considering Facebook's 300 million active users, and the thousands joining every day—along with its Alexa ranking of 3 (that is, Facebook is the third most-trafficked website)—businesses really must tap into the power of this online behemoth.

Facebook offers many features for strategic networking and generating visibility for your company.

Among them, Facebook fan pages are (currently) the only feature fully indexed by Google. By inserting keyword-rich text throughout your fan page and updating regularly, you can create tremendous search engine optimization.

Using Facebook's Social Ads, you can then drive targeted traffic from the entire Facebook site directly to your fan page.

Once potential fans click through to your fan page, your goals are as follows:

  • Immediately grab their attention and make them feel they are in the right place (they feel they made the right decision by clicking on your ad)
  • Inspire them to become a fan
  • Draw them in to engage with your page
  • Keep them coming back—often called "stickiness" (your fans keep coming back to engage with your page)

If you're creating a Facebook fan page, the following 10 tips will set you head and shoulders above the rest and keep your fans coming back for more.

1. Title your page

When first creating your fan page, you need to choose a title; it could be your brand name, personal name, or business name, as well as a few descriptive words. Typically, the shorter the title, the better, because each time you add content to your fan page your long title will append to each post.

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Mari Smith (, dubbed "the Pied Piper of the Online World" by, is a social media keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer. She is also president of the International Social Media Association. Reach her via

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  • by Norma Pinero Tue Oct 13, 2009 via web

    Great info!!

  • by Naomi Tue Oct 13, 2009 via web

    Love this post! I have to work on my landing page. I just found this great way to have $100 Free Advertising for your Facebook page here. Super easy and quick!

  • by Penny Schneider Tue Oct 13, 2009 via web

    Indeed. Great info.

  • by Annie Infinite Sat Oct 17, 2009 via web

    Hi Mari great article! One thing to note sweetie, is that currently you cannot have a custom URL for your page until you have 100 fans, FB changed that.

    I love that you listed one of the important things as responding to your fans, this is at the heart of social marketing.

  • by Rumiana Ilieva Mon Oct 19, 2009 via web

    Thanks a lot, I followed your tips and created wonderful Facebook fan page.

  • by Kirsti Tue Oct 20, 2009 via web

    I was wondering how I use the notes app (number 6 in your list) to bring in my blog? This was a great post--thanks for all the help!

  • by Zeynep Ferah Mon Oct 26, 2009 via web

    @Annie Infinite : I read that too that you had to have 100 fans before you could get the custom URL, but when I read 25 here I tried it and :) I got the URL. So I guess Mari is right for now...

    @Mari Smith: I too was not able to use the notes app. How am I going to bring in my blog?

  • by Michele Tue Oct 27, 2009 via web

    If you have business or non-profit FB page can you become a "fan" of other businesses?
    I am trying to get golfers to my non-profit FB page as we have a discount golf membership card. Was thinking if we could become a fan of various golf courses and post something on their walls their golfers would see it....thoughts?

  • by Josue Sat Oct 31, 2009 via web

    great info, simple and to the point.

  • by SEASONS OF PAIN Tue Nov 3, 2009 via web

    Hi Mari,

    Thank you very much for the in depth info. It is very exciting and helpful. Writing the music has become much easier and people like you are helping to make the marketing easier as well. Thank you for helping to spread knowledge freely.

    ? I have been unsuccessful in obtaining the unique username ( vanity url ) addition for our band ( business ) page. We appreciate all the help we are given.

    We will be studying these new techniques in order to promote our group / brand more.

    Thank You ! Thank You Facebook friends and community.
    Metal Union Productions

  • by chris marentis Thu Nov 5, 2009 via web

    Video is another great tool to keep content fresh on facebook and get fans coming back. This one of the most complete posts I have seen on facebook fan page marketing. Thanks.

  • by Tracy Gardner Tue Nov 10, 2009 via web

    Great post! My personal page has friends, family and business related prospects and contacts. The friends/family don't like all the "Marketing" and business posting. So I want to move away from all the marketing & business posts to a fan page. This is one of my projects for next week so this came at a perfect time.

    Thank you Mari & Marketing Profs

  • by Susan Jane Wed Dec 16, 2009 via web

    Mari Smith rocks! There is not one tip that you can't implement, really. :)

  • by Mari Smith Fri Dec 18, 2009 via web

    Wowee, in the couple short months I wrote this post, Facebook is now at 350 million active users and is the second most trafficked site in the world! :) If Facebook were a country, it'd the third largest in the world!!

    Also, Facebook teamed up with Google and announced fan page updates are getting indexed REAL time! :)

    So, there is such tremendous power in Facebook fan pages... yet a recent study conducted at revealed that 77% of fan pages have fewer than 1000 fans and admins only update their fan pages every 12 days. Whew, there is a *direct* correlation to number of fans and frequency of content and engagement!!


  • by Mari Smith Fri Dec 18, 2009 via web

    @Norma @Penny @Rumiana @Josue - thank you kindly for your kind words!!! :)

    @Naomi - sweet!! Free advertising is always good!

    @Annie - aha, yes - it was 25 back in May/June when Facebook were about to do the big landgrab... then they bumped it up to 100 with no word of warning. It was such a shame for the small, new fan pages. So many folks rallied to help each other get up to that magic 100 of their pages. Then a short while later, Facebook quietly brought the threshold back down to 25! Whew!!

    @Kristi - you might like to try Networked Blogs to import your blog posts now instead/as well as the Notes app. If you blog a lot (3 x or more a week), I would pick one. The main advantage Notes has is you can tag anyone in the post (note). But Networked Blogs is a whole powerful network of other blogs, people can subscribe/follow. Pete Cashmore/Mashable uses it extensively. ;)

  • by Mari Smith Fri Dec 18, 2009 via web

    @Zeynep - to import your blog using the Notes app, here's the direct link: - then click the link towards the top right that says "Import a blog." You'll need to paste in the actual RSS feed of your blog, then you'll get a preview of the imported posts.

    @Michele - great question. Only profiles can become fans of fan pages. To reach your target market of golfers, I would suggest a) a nominal budget for Facebook social ads, b) join active groups with and for golfers and participating, c) use Facebook's deep search feature to find when members are talking about golf, d) build out your Twitter following by following your target market and most will follow you back - see sites like and to find your audience. Then tweet about your fan page on a regular basis, among other content like tips, resources, useful info for your target market... of course you can also drive people on Twitter & your fans on Facebook to your regular site.
    Hope these ideas help!! :)

  • by Kirsti Fri Dec 18, 2009 via web

    Sorry to bug you, again, Mari, but how do I use the notes? Do I just copy and paste from my blog? Thanks for all the help!

  • by Mari Smith Sat Dec 19, 2009 via web

    @Kirsti -- aha, sorry I misspelled your name, but did suggest above you might try the Networked Blogs app instead/as well.

    And then in my reply to @Zeynep, here are the steps to import using the Notes app:

    To import your blog using the Notes app, here's the direct link: - then click the link towards the top right that says "Import a blog." You'll need to paste in the actual RSS feed of your blog, then you'll get a preview of the imported posts.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • by Kirsti Sat Dec 19, 2009 via web

    Thanks, Mari! I had to go to edit page and then I saw the magic button for importing the blog feed. Thanks so much! Now I don't have to do it by hand!

  • by Tue Dec 22, 2009 via web

    Wow great ideas but adding the landing page is easier said than done and that's what bugs me. What about a link to a site that tells you how to write FBML code so I can create a landing page.

  • by Doug Wed Dec 23, 2009 via web

    Great tips. Well written. Thanks!!

  • by The Blog Builder Guy Wed Jan 27, 2010 via web

    Just one more reason I'm glad I joined Marketing Profs! Thanks!

  • by Mari Smith Wed Jan 27, 2010 via web

    @allpetnaturals -- see the post I just wrote on --

    @blog builder guy - cool!! Glad you enjoyed. :)

  • by George Mon Mar 1, 2010 via web

    Great article Mari, thank you! Impressed with your in-depth analysis of how many fans it takes to secure a user name (increased from 25 to 100 and then back to 25 fans).

    The only thing it seems that it doesn't work for me at the moment is your comment (on 18 Dec 2009) 'fan page updates are getting indexed REAL time! :) ' (by Google). I set up my fan page on the 22nd of February and still, a week after, "Antiforma Design" Facebook fan page is not listed in Google searches. Any idea why? Many thanks again

  • by Don Li Sun Apr 4, 2010 via web

    FANtastic Facebook Fan Page (A) + Effective Fan Page (B) = Profit

    (A is easier than B)

  • by asirio Santana Mejia Mon Aug 16, 2010 via web

    Great article, congrats. One more that would like to know about google indexing Fan Pages, I haven't seem mine in google search?!!!
    I think it is a great another opportunitty to write down another good Post.


  • by Ankit Mohan Thu Jul 28, 2011 via web

    These are really the basic stuff which is often missed...Thanks for reminding and stating them in such a simple language..helps beginners like me.. :)

  • by Jessie DSouza Tue Aug 2, 2011 via web

    It looks like I have landed on the perfect post and I going to digg your facebook page for all the great info.

    Thanks a Ton Mari!

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