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Last Saturday, Mary Davis, co-owner of Davis Hairdressing in Newton, Mass., called to inquire about my recent visit. I asked her if she had a few minutes to talk because I wanted to let her know how impressed I've been with my experiences at her salon.

As we spoke, I realized that she had an amazing story to tell and asked her whether I could take notes. Hers was a compelling vision of an integrated-marketing and client-service approach that any business—not just other retailers—would do well to emulate.

Excellent service leads to word-of-mouth referrals

As a marketing-strategy consultant, I've been impressed by the salon's marketing savvy since my first visit. I originally discovered Davis Hairdressing on Yelp, a social-networking site.

I was searching for an emergency solution. The hair-salon owner who usually did my hair was running a half-hour late when I'd arrived for my appointment, and we'd had to reschedule for the following week—but my hair needed immediate attention.

I called Davis Hairdressing on a Sunday, planning to leave a message. To my surprise, someone answered the phone and asked whether I would like to come in that day or Monday—both days that beauty salons in the area are typically closed.

When I inquired about the price, the receptionist said different stylists charge different amounts, so I scheduled an appointment with one of the less-expensive hairdressers. To my delight, the stylist was the one whom the Yelp reviewer had praised.

Discounts motivate desirable buying behavior

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Barbara Bix is managing principal of BB Marketing Plus, where she helps companies enhance their brands by capturing and enhancing the customer experience.