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How to Be Successful With New Web Initiatives

by Christian Shea  |  
January 19, 2010

One of the traps that many organizations fall into when launching a new Web initiative is putting the focus of the project on new technology or new functionality.

Often clients will come to us and say "our website needs video" or "we need to start blogging" or "let's put together an email campaign."

To which we respond, Why? Are you trying to generate leads/sales? Do you want to provide information for educational purposes? Are you promoting an event? Do you want to grow your membership/contact list?

And, How many people do you need to reach to make the project worth your time and budget?

The Expensive Way: Throw It Against the Wall and See if It Sticks!

Regardless of what you are doing with the new technology—building a website, developing a mobile application, creating a social-media campaign, or launching an email campaign—you have to start with the end result.

You can't be successful if you don't have a benchmark against which to measure results. Not only do you need to build your communication tool, but you also need a strategy for getting your content in front of your target audience and for driving action from the user.

  • If you post a video about the world's greatest product and no one sees it, how many people will buy the product?
  • What if everyone sees the video, but there are no instructions on how to buy the product?
  • What if the video quality is poor and it puts a negative impression of your overall brand in the mind of a potential customer?

All those questions should be answered in the planning process. The outline below takes you through some project phases that you need to include when launching any Web campaign.

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Christian Shea is a principal at P4MV ( and has been developing measurable marketing strategies for organizations across a wide range of vertical markets since 1995.

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  • by Tuyen Ngo Wed Jan 20, 2010 via web

    Just a great thing to review my web project. Thanks!

  • by Don Don Sun Feb 28, 2010 via web

    Interesting. A follow-up topic might be: how to market your website to your target audience effectively? Or probably you mentioned it, in the meantime it may be further elaborated due to its importance ...

  • by sarita Wed Jun 2, 2010 via web

    Another follow-up topic could be: Impact of standards & templates to use for web projects

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