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In 2010, there is no excuse for keeping your marketing insight languishing in a silo, away from your core business processes.

Thanks to today's Web-based technologies, you have an unprecedented number of opportunities to generate real business value from such insight.

By embracing a customer-feedback program, you can gain insight into customer attitudes and learn important truths about buying behavior as well as the evolving attitudes that will determine future buying behavior.

Understanding customer attitudes enables you to act quickly to prevent customer churn. Additionally, you can maximize cross-selling opportunities.

Marketing departments can use a customer-feedback program to drive tailored marketing campaigns and strengthen the relationship between brand and customer. Such programs are not just about making customers happy; they deliver real commercial value, too.

Exercises for the Brand

By implementing a feedback program, you initiate a two-way conversation, helping your customers become entrenched within your brand— from product creation to response to complaints.

The increased consumer engagement forges tighter purchasing relationships and builds significant brand value. The constant communication also provides an excellent platform for the creation of personalized, relevant promotions, creating a win-win that further builds the relationship.

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Carolyn Hall is product marketing manager at Confirmit (www.confirmit.com), a global vendor of software for customer feedback, employee feedback, and market research. She can be reached at carolyn.hall@confirmit.com.