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How to Implement a Winning Social-Media Function in Your Organization

by Amita Paul  |  
December 14, 2010

In this article, you'll learn...

  • The four phases that are critical to social media success
  • The 20 steps necessary for running a successful social-media function

Social media is a transformational phenomenon that is changing the way businesses are creating and sharing corporate and marketing messages and collecting feedback, internally and externally, with their prospects and customers.

As social media gets inducted into businesses as a strategic communication and marketing channel, it requires a radical redesign of business processes and a fundamental rethinking of the way businesses function.

In this article, we look at the four phases of implementing a social-media management system in your business: assessment, planning, execution, and analysis—all with a feedback mechanism that continuously monitors and optimizes for the best performance.

1. Assessment

The initial assessment is the first step in getting started with social media. It is an organized way to recognize the internal and external conditions as they apply to your business, and it lays the foundation for the success of the next three phases.


Details and Steps in the Process


Mapping the Social-Media Audience

Understand the social-media profile of your current customers by studying their response and willingness to participate in social communication.

Find out the adoption rate of your current customers on social-media channels, and group them by their activities, usage, and age (of account creation) on these channels. 

Map the profile of your typical customer by creating social-media activity and participation segments.

By the end of this phase, the following should be clear:

·         The profile of current customers on social-media channels

·         User segments as they pertain to your industry, grouped together by various attributes

Identifying the Channel Opportunity

Understanding your audience will give you a very good idea of where they hang out the most. Don't build your brand across all the channels; apply the 80-20 rule, and focus on the channel that you understand the best and in which you are most likely to find your audience.

You will have a clear list of your proposed active business channels:

·         Top 4-5 active social-media channels for your business and 2-3 as back-up options

·         Identification of purpose

Resources and In-house Champions

The social-media function requires a team, and not all would be external facing. Define and create appropriate roles, coordination processes, and accountability for those roles. Identify the resources from current staff or source new.

You will have a centralized social-media structure with roles, responsibilities, and coordination processes defined.

The Communication Protocol

Define initiation and response strategy. Design and develop the communication protocol for the social-media team to practice.

With this process, workflow and approach will be defined:

·         Which messages are shared?

·         Tone of the messages

·         Proactive, response based or strategic nature of messages—promotional versus informational

·         Response monitoring and alert mechanism

Setting the Performance Criterion

Replace all ad hoc processes with strategic, measurable activities.

Define the purpose, objectives, goals, milestones, and performance-evaluation factors.

An accountable social-media process with...

·         Metrics and success factors

·         Evaluation milestones

2. Planning

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Amita Paul is the founder and CEO of ObjectiveMarketer (, a provider of social-media-marketing management solutions. Reach her via

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  • by abai victor Thu Nov 15, 2012 via web

    i must say here clearly that this article is so enriching to me as research student in Cameroon.
    may God richly bless the author and editor for their works

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