Cloud computing is a transformative technology that is expected to have a revolutionary impact on the business of marketing. By mashing disparate technologies and content platforms, cloud marketing empowers marketers to (1) create unique campaigns, (2) efficiently scale to support viral campaigns, (3) lower marketing distribution costs, and (4) support their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Cloud computing breaks down and disseminates bits of information so they can be reassembled into more complete narratives. It delivers unprecedented cost efficiency, scalability, agility, independence, interoperability, reliability, and security.

It's made feasible through the deployment and interoperability of three platform types: software as a service (SAAS), platform as a service (PAAS), and infrastructure as a service (IAAS).

Brand marketers leveraging cloud marketing will derive significant benefit from those platforms and gain a competitive advantage. Here are some examples.

SAAS: Accelerating Content Distribution and Marketing Efficacy

SAAS over the Internet eliminates the need to install and run applications on consumers' computers. This creates major implications for marketers as consumers move off their personal computers (PCs) and onto the portals of brands and software providers.

Hasbro teamed with Google to launch an online version of Monopoly. The game board leveraged Google Earth application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide users with unprecedented scale and interactivity: They can "own" any street in the world.

Instead of playing the popular game only on PCs, it is elevated to the cloud and becomes device-agnostic, enabling users to enjoy the game from their computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. In doing so, Hasbro can significantly expand its reach while reducing its distribution costs.

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