A Brick and Mortar Approach to Using Content to Get Visitors to Take Off Their Coats and Stay a While 
Whether you're a B2B business, a retailer, or a service provider, your physical marketplace is limited by geography and, well, physics. In contrast, your online marketplace encompasses the vast sprawl of the Web. That means endless opportunity.

But it also means that a single, centralized location point becomes more important than ever before—which might seem counterintuitive. Surely, if you've broken out of the limitations of a localized brick-and-mortar entity, you don't need to limit yourself online, right?

Hardly. In fact, the diffuse nature of the Web makes having a center vital.

Establish Your Base

Think of that center as a nucleus of sorts. You need a single place that can...

  • Cater to inbound traffic (from social media networks, PR coverage, networking efforts, affiliate links, disparate online mentions, word-of-mouth, employee networking profiles, product write-ups, etc.)
  • Shape perception independent of the messaging of those external sources
  • Offer a meaningful, rich customer experience to site visitors

Though businesses and marketers often invest significant energy and resources into driving customers to their sites, they often forget to provide their audience with satisfying experiences once they get visitors to the site.

Only by creating rich experiences—in the form of content, features, interactivity, and the like—can businesses convert visitors into more than just passing window shoppers.

Setting the Stage

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Gretel Going is a partner at Channel V Media, an integrated marketing agency in New York City, and co-publisher at Channel V Books. Reach her via her contact page.