The challenge came early one Monday morning: "We're considering rebranding the company. Give us a proposal and your recommendations."

And so, our marketing team went to work: researching companies that had gone through similar changes, quantifying the dollars involved, recommending very methodical processes for implementation, and developing a reasonable timeframe.

We received executive and board approval to proceed. But with a few caveats: "Have the rebrand complete by January 1"—which meant that instead of the 18 months we had proposed to complete our task, we had exactly six weeks.

This article shares key lessons on how we shifted from "OMG, they're crazy" mode into high gear, accomplishing the unthinkable.

People are everything

Here's an area that drives home the importance of quality over quantity: Despite the magnitude of tasks you'll be juggling, a large army is not needed. But what is needed is the right army.

The most important success factor is having the right people: those who share your resourcefulness, enhance one another's creativity, share a sense of optimism, bring an abundance of energy, and, as a whole, share a belief that you can actually pull it off.

There can be no weak links in this formula—you simply cannot afford to have anyone bring you down.

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Kathy Saenz is corporate communications manager for INgage Networks, an award-winning provider of enterprise social software solutions for government and business. Reach her on Twitter @KathySaenz.