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Five Proven Ways to Increase Email Subscriptions

by Tim Grahl  |  
April 8, 2011

In this article, you'll learn...

  • Five ways to increase email subscriptions
  • Common mistakes to avoid in your next email campaign

Short of having customers spend money on your product or service, gaining access to their inboxes is one of the most important things you can do. Building a solid email list of leads is the best way to grow your business online. Of course, the question becomes, "How do I get people to sign up?"

Judging by what most websites do, you might assume merely putting up a sign-up box for "news and updates" is all you have to do. Unfortunately, that is probably the worst option if you want people to actually sign up for your email list.

I have been testing email sign-up forms for several years on my site and my clients' sites and have narrowed down the top five ways to get more people to sign up for your email list.

Robots vs. Humans

If yours is a big company, make sure you put a human face to your email sign-up. And by that I mean literally publish a picture of the person who will be sending out the email. Doing so assures recipients that an actual human being is sending out the email.

(If you are an author, a freelancer, or some other one-person show, using your picture is probably not necessary.)

I run a small company, but the email sign-up looked like it was coming from my company (even though I write every word). I added my picture to the sign-up, and my subscriptions went up 30% or so.

Nobody wants another corporate newsletter. They want to hear real stuff from a real human being, so assure them that is what you will be sending.

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Tim Grahl helps authors sell a lot of books. He is the owner of Out:think. You can get more of his advice by signing up for his newsletter at

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  • by Alison Mon Apr 11, 2011 via web

    Sorry I gave a I star instead of the 5 stars you should have had.
    Thank you for your intersting insights

  • by Tim Grahl Mon Apr 11, 2011 via web

    No problem! Glad you liked the article!

  • by Rolv Tue Apr 12, 2011 via web

    There's no doubt that email marketing works. In addition to the traditional email marketing (mass email) one should look at another marketing opportunity and that is the emails we all send from our corporate email addresses every day. I represent a company that has developed a solution for just those emails and thus this post.
    The basic idea behind wrapmail is to utilize the facts that all businesses have websites and employees that send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. Wrapmail is available for free at

  • by Dewane Mutunga Sun Apr 17, 2011 via web

    Great Article! I will definitely keep these tips in mind when putting together my E-Zine! Thanks!

  • by Jan Folmar Thu May 5, 2011 via web

    A very timely article for me since I'm launching a new campaign. Thanks for the information.

  • by pillar Jo Tue Apr 16, 2013 via web

    No one can deny your great efforts in passing this important information, I tried it also and it really helps, but I'll share a few things I did helped my open rates too, if you don't mind for sure.

    Attract eyes with your sign-up design: try to put your well designed sign-up form in obvious position, and with some attractive phrases which offers customers something exciting like sign-up and get free updates.

    Best Regards,

    Pillar Jo

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