Corporate rebranding is intricate and time-consuming; but with the mergers, acquisitions, and ownership changes of the current dynamic business environment, it's a necessary endeavor.

The corporate visual identity becomes especially important in instances of organizational change, because that identity symbolizes the new entity, provides visibility and recognizability, and communicates the new corporate structure.

Many studies and guides cover the benefits and management of corporate identity, the principles and process of rebranding, and the essentials and mistakes of strategic implementation, but there are far fewer that deal with tactical execution and follow-through.

Similarly, many organizations typically allocate more resources to the development and management of a new corporate visual identity than to its distribution. However, consistent and integrated distribution is as critical to a successful launch as the visual identity itself.

After a new brand/name is launched internally (after organizational processes, changes in corporate culture, etc.), it is launched externally via print and online media, as well as routine employee communications. External implementation is guided by the branding policy and style guide, with close attention paid to media distribution and the execution of such visual components as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, sales and proposal material, tradeshow materials, corporate clothing, and premiums.

Visual components not always thought of initially include invoices, vehicles, signage, and interiors.

Operational Implementation

Distribution of the new corporate identity goes much deeper than those visual components, however; yet, the vital operational aspects of communications frequently fall through the cracks.

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Christine R. Valeriann has achieved marketing results and business growth for such organizations as Boyden, Johns Hopkins University, and Marriott International. Reach her at