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If you have a website that gets a good deal of traffic but generates no money, placing ads on your site may be the key to success. Selling advertising space on your website can be a great way to make money, especially if you're a small business or blogger, but it's not easy and takes some effort to set up. Online advertising will also help your website visitors if the ads are for products and services that are useful to them.

One of the first steps to selling website ads is to determine who your audience is, which will help you target the advertising to be relevant to your customers.

When preparing to sell advertising space on a website, the seller needs to have examples of ads (sizes and types) ready to show clients. It may take some experimenting with different types of online advertising to determine which method makes the most money on a particular website.

Types of Online Advertising

Text ads and banner ads are the most common types of website ads, but there are others. Considering the constant advancements in mobile devices that use wireless Internet, it's important to make sure that you're using the correct style of advertising. For example, a standard banner ad may not work well on the mobile version of your site.

Banner Ads

Large or small picture or banner ads are one way to make money, but they usually generate the least amount of revenue because they are very common and easy for website visitors to ignore.

Revenue from banner ads is generally based on the number of unique users who look at the ad. Charging a certain amount per 1,000 users (cost per thousand, or CPM) is the most common approach.

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