At your next tradeshow, you'll likely be competing with numerous organizations for the attention of a finite pool of attendees. Take into account, too, that those attendees have likely predetermined which booths they'll visit. The task of capturing (and keeping) their attention, therefore, is downright daunting. The solution may lie with mobile.

The continual improvement of mobile technology has already made a significant impact on the world of tradeshow marketing. Consider, for example, how the use of QR (quick response) codes mirrored the adoption of smartphones. QR codes already allow attendees to interact, to a limited extent, with presenters and booths, but they also have the potential to make a lasting impact.

A QR code provides a call to action that's usually more compelling than one that comes from thumbing through a mountain of brochures. The content—whether an app, website, whitepaper, or otherwise—is more likely to last longer on the attendee's smartphone than a leaflet might in a purse or pocket.

But how can you take mobile interaction a full step further in a way that pulls people over to your booth and makes them stay?

If you've ever been to a tradeshow with at least one very popular exhibit, you know that a cluster of people huddling around a booth causes a perpetual crowd in that area, with everyone gathering to see what all the fuss is about.

Apply the following tips, and those running the booth next to yours will rue the day they had to compete with you.

1. Build an interactive game

A game has several obvious benefits: It allows your audience to engage with your brand and your brand's content, it serves as a great ice breaker, and it builds buzz. But a game is also memorable, a quality you shouldn't underestimate, considering the average tradeshow attendee visits at least two dozen booths.

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Chad Udell is managing director of Float Mobile Learning, where he works with companies to develop mobile strategies and create custom mobile apps tailored to the organizations' needs.