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Among the best Google products I love playing with are Google Docs, especially Google Spreadsheets. They are feature-rich, highly flexible, reliable, and, on top of that, absolutely free.

I've been using Google Spreadsheets for ages... for campaign tracking, reporting, automating, and aggregating some of the most complex search engine optimization (SEO) and social media tasks.

In this article, I'll share the three most useful, yet easy-to-implement, Google spreadsheet tips any online marketer would find useful.


1. Google Spreadsheet Functions and Scripts

The beauty of Google Spreadsheets is its flexibility. You can be as creative as you want (or, at least, as "your geekiness" permits). If you are not ready to spend hours trying to figure out Google functions and Google scripts, here's a quick look at the three most interesting ones:

Script* / function

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