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Sales and Marketing Alignment: Seven Steps to Collaborative, Right-Time Revenue Optimization

by Joe Cordo  |  
March 12, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • Seven steps that'll bring together Sales and Marketing
  • How efficient Sales and Marketing alignment can boost revenue

Sales and Marketing alignment is not new, but it has acquired a dot-com-era moniker: Sales and Marketing 2.0. One should look past such hyperbole, but marketing and sales departments should not ignore some of the newest best-practices for creating a strong, collaborative revenue engine.

The following seven steps will help organizations fuel that engine; these recommendations, based on simple yet powerful best-practices, will help align sales and marketing teams much more effectively.

1. Bring together personas and buyer profiles

Content marketing is an ascendant trend in marketing right now, and it has spawned the need to map content to lead-generation campaigns; that mapping needs to be based on personas associated with target markets, as well as on segmentation and buyer behavior.

Similarly, Sales 2.0 (and the complex sale) is a dominant trend in sales, and it requires creating buyer profiles. One "small" problem, however, is that Marketing and Sales don't merge the personas and profiles together; as a result, campaigns produce lower-quality leads and inefficient sales processes.

Get with your sales team right now and share your personas. Map out buyer profiles from the sales team, and commit to bringing Sales a new set of personas that addresses lead generation and nurturing at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Almost immediately, you'll achieve greater success in your nurturing programs, creating a no-lead-left-behind mindset that ensures both Marketing and Sales play a role in the nurturing process.

2. Work together to eliminate Sales and Marketing waste

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Joe Cordo is chief marketing officer of Extraprise, a leader in right-time revenue optimization for B2B and B2C enterprises, providing database marketing and demand-generation services. For more information, contact Joe via or call +1(888) i2iMKTG.

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  • by Ford Kanzler Tue Mar 13, 2012 via web

    Excellent info! Suggest mentioning the variety of purchasing influencers which seems to be missing from Step 3. In B2B sales to companies of over 1,000 employees making over $25K purchases, there can be over 20 different decision-makers in the Buying Circle according to an '07 Marketing Sherpa study. Even if there aren't that many, considering the mulitple, differing prospects' needs and perspectives makes intelligence-gathering even more important and challenging.

  • by Dewey Mon Jul 1, 2013 via mobile

    I'm sorry...I read this article from start to finish, and can't seem to walk away with any tangible, practical recommendations. Too much confusing rhetoric.

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