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If you aren't one of the millions using Pinterest, it's high time you got on board. Pinterest's steady growth over the last two quarters has proven the image-driven social network to be a substantial source of otherwise untapped Internet traffic.

For those of you not in the know, Pinterest provides a platform for uploading "pins," which are images or videos, from blog posts or websites. Those pins can (and should) be linked back to their original source.

The social media marketing potential of such bookmarking sites is unlimited. You get the opportunity to sell your products, brand your business, increase your customer base, and generate traffic to your website. If the history of online marketing has shown us anything, it's that easy street is a very short one. Now is the time to add Pinterest to your traffic-generating toolbox before it reaches saturation and becomes as competitive as anything else.

An important part of using Pinterest is being responsible about what you pin and how you pin it. Right now, the site is rife with images that provide no information. If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, a picture with a little code is worth millions.

Now, let's get cracking! Here are nine ways to be a responsible pinner.

1. Add contributors

Bring everyone to the party! Part of using Pinterest is organizing your pins into boards by topic. When you collaborate with other pinners, use the "add contributors" option to give them credit. Under the board edit options, click the radio button for "Me + Contributors." Enter their name to give them credit.

Think about companies that have several brands that support one another. Adding those other brands as contributors can incrementally bring them traffic, too. Hopefully, the traffic will consist of the same demographic.

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Jared Reed is owner and chief digital strategist of Pan Galactic Digital, a St. Louis-based SEO and social media agency.