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Is Your Brand Message on Mute?

by Heather Rast  |  
July 2, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • What it takes to maintain a consistent brand voice
  • How your messaging can cut through the data noise

In our supercharged, connected world, employees tow the brand front line like never before, and they're armed with the tools to reach people directly and in select groups. In turn, customers, prospects, and others expect that the brands they favor are readily accessible and available at the time of their choosing, via the channel of their choosing.

Now Starring Your Brand

Whether attending a webinar, completing a survey, or reading a tweet, prospects and stakeholders are receiving, absorbing, and responding to branded messages by employees that represent a company. Employees are charged with the responsibility of serving and honoring the brand both in the tranquil homeland (among satisfied customers) as well as in unknown territories (among new markets and prospects yet to be converted).

With greater capabilities for direct access (frequency and channel variety) between a host of internal employees (not just Marketing!) and the public at large, it's no surprise that precious little of a company's useful communication penetrates the minds of intended targets. Too much marketing is flying around, and folks get desensitized. Plus, people have filters and knobs available to them to mute the noise as their needs and preferences evolve.

Most of that stuff you and your marketing team painstakingly produce is unclicked, unopened, and unnoticed. Your targets are simply overwhelmed by the volume and unmoved by the messages. The most meaningful contact or inquiry often originates with the target—but that doesn't lessen her desire or need for clear, unified messaging that is consistent with what she already knows of your brand.

It's Not You (It's the Mixed, Disjointed Messages You Send Me)

The lesson? Marketers must resist the urge to overcome target customers' resistance via an attack of message velocity or trials of shiny objects. More communication does not translate into more effective communication. Instead, regroup. Learn to penetrate the communication haze with stronger, more-unified messaging that stands up to the multichannel test by reinforcing your brand position with every copy point and content product, offline and online.

Be more intentional in your communication.

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Heather Rast is a writer, digital marketer, and project pro. She is also senior content manager for MarketingProfs University.

LinkedIn: Heather Rast

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  • by Andrea Mon Jul 2, 2012 via web

    When marketing at any level (strategic or tactical) is distilled down to 'common sense' practices and 'thoughtful' methodical approaches in dealing with people it is far more likely to be effective. This article treads that common sense road and is the first I have read in entirety for quite some time.

  • by Heather Rast Tue Jul 3, 2012 via web

    Hi, Andrea. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm pleased you read it in its entirety.

    Marketers have been known to over-analyze, over-discuss and over-complicate from time to time. Instinct and logic can be mistaken for lack of preparedness or knowledge, causing practitioners to forgo the straightforward for something more bulked up as a way to justify or defend our recommendations. Nobody wins when that happens.

    Again, glad you stopped by. Hope the article was useful to you.

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