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How to Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign That Meets Your Objectives

by Nicole Elmore  |  
July 20, 2012
In this article, you'll learn...

  • Five steps to successful marketing campaign management
  • How to set achievable advertising objectives and a realistic advertising budget
  • What to consider when hiring an agency

The process of developing and overseeing a campaign for a company's advertising or marketing program can be broken down into these five steps that a marketing manager must oversee or personally complete: determine objectives; establish a budget; evaluate and select an agency (if you decide to go that route); manage the program; and monitor the program and assess its effectiveness.

1. Objectives

Generally, the intent of marketing, and advertising in particular, is to establish a brand image and develop product awareness by providing valuable information for prospective customers. In addition, persuasion is part of complementary marketing efforts to encourage action on the part of customers (i.e., make a purchase).

You will have to create goals tailored to your business's needs. For example:

  • One company's goal for its advertising program may be to gain brand awareness and customer loyalty, increasing customer retention 10%.
  • Another company's goal may be to increase sales by $5.2 million by the end of the quarter.

Your objectives should always be realistic and achievable while maximizing profitability.

2. Budget

Several useful methods of creating a budget might fit your brand's needs and strategy.

A company's leaders or marketing managers decide on a budget at a level they think should be spent or believe the firm can afford, which is also referred to as the arbitrary allocation method:

  • Advantage: The decision-makers are supposed to be experts in the field and thus their decision may be appropriate.
  • Disadvantage: The decisions and judgment are only as good and efficient as the people making it.

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Nicole Elmore is a marketing consultant and business writer who provides small businesses and startups with entrepreneurial insight and useful marketing tips via her blog:

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  • by Rishi Fri Jul 20, 2012 via web

    Great article. I agree ad agencies are great, but for online campaigns, you might need to approach digital marketing agencies. They are able to go beyond just the 'social media' and 'interactive' aspect and develop advanced SEO and PPC strategies to get people to your website, no matter where they are.

    Get access to all our marketing cheat sheets including "Content Development for SEO" at

  • by Nick Stamoulis Mon Jul 23, 2012 via web

    Keep in mind that sometimes the reason you didn't mean your objectives was because your objectives were unattainable. That can be really frustrating from the agency side of things--we are trying to achieve this impossible goal.

  • by Lakshan Mon Feb 3, 2014 via web

    Nice article Nicole. I believe organizations also make use of tools such as Unica to effectively manage campaigns and truly make their marketing processes data driven. I had read something on how Unica helps marketers here What other tools can you recommend or suggest?

  • by Sri Tue Aug 16, 2016 via web

    What about the monitoring of the outdoor campaigns?

  • by Talon Sat Feb 10, 2018 via mobile

    Hi! Great article! I work for a marketing firm in Chicago and I am consistently bringing in the most production for one of our energy clients. I have been asked to replace the previous campaign manager (due to relocation). We normally do really well as an office but have fallen off the past 2-3 weeks. I'm gonna take on the task of bringing us back to the numbers we were getting and then besting ourselves. Great read but any advice on STARTING to manage a campaign other than this?

    Thank you!

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