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10 Reasons to Hire YouTube Stars for Your Brand

by Adam Graves  |  
September 27, 2012

Need a celebrity spokesperson? Bypass Hollywood and turn your browser to YouTube. Recently, established brands have been on a wave of hiring YouTube video stars. You've likely heard of them.

For one, Hot Pockets has hired videogame lover Toby "Tobuscus" Turner. And SpikeTV has hired iJustine. YouTube "weblebrities" have begun muscling out the Kim Kardashians of the world for celebrity endorsements.

Keep reading for the 10 reasons why your brand should also consider hiring YouTube video stars.

1. Talent and a media buy in one. Great content that's perfectly targeted at an engaged audience—check. Millions of impressions—check. You can hire a top YouTube talent with millions of followers for the budget of George Clooney's hair products.

And even though many YouTube celebs are now commanding serious dough, you're getting their creative savvy and access to the large audience they've worked so hard to build.

2. True touchpoints. YouTube creators are like the NASCAR drivers of the Internet. They have a real, dedicated, and fiercely loyal fan base that actually follows their endorsements.

Fans have a deeper connection to that YouTube video star than they do with Justin Bieber. The YouTube star's word is that of a trusted "friend" vs. that of a millionaire pop star who is out of reach and out of touch.

3. Social media savvy. YouTube stars know how to work the Web. Beyond YouTube, they will broadcast your brand to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all of the other social networks you never have time for. Simply put, they know how to promote on those channels.

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Adam Graves is EVP at Threshold Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency creating interactive campaigns for clients such as Nestlé Waters, Butterfinger, Hot Pockets, and Honda.

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  • by Rishi Thu Sep 27, 2012 via web

    Great article! I would also like to mention that this tactic works best if your product caters to a specific demographic. For instance, a shampoo producer or clothing retailer hiring a female teen YouTube icon to discuss/review their product has proven to work quite well. What's important to remember is to not 'force' the YouTube icon to present the content in a sales-y way, but rather to let them discuss it in their natural character. Acting too sales-y can give both, the product and the YouTube icon a bad impression, causing the video to be "Disliked". Too many negative votes can affect the video's ranking on YouTube's search. Get access to all our social media cheat sheets at

  • by Patrick Wagner Thu Sep 27, 2012 via web

    Perfect timing for your post, I was having a discussion last week about the future of TV is shifting to the Web. Especially when see how Apple Tv & Google TV are all heading in that direction. Soon local TV stations will disappear and production companies will hire YouTube stars who have an built-in audience to ensure greater success of any show they launch.

    This is the future, you better start making some videos or someone with a crappy cellphone camera will take away your market share online.

  • by Artash Thu Sep 27, 2012 via web

    This is a great mutual beneficial internet cooperation, but as a YouTube creator I don't think the hardest part is creating the content. YouTube stars definitely need more to be connected to brands!
    So YouTube was so enthusiastic about this connections that in 2012 Google launched its Video Creation Marketplace, a platform that connects content creators on YouTube with marketers or agencies looking for viral buzz. It helps you work with a video production company to make a professional TV or video ad in as little as four to six weeks.
    To conclude I think the efficiency of results to hire YouTube stars for your brand is unquestioned.
    You can check my marketing blog at

  • by Moving Metrics Fri Sep 28, 2012 via web

    Great article, and very true.

    I'm from a startup called Moving Metrics. We are building a web platform that allows brands to work directly with YouTube Stars. Using our software and network, brands can select and work with up to 50 YouTube Stars simultaneously. Niche marketers can work with niche YouTubers for product reviews, promotions, product placement, etc. We offer audience demographics targeting, engagement analytics, and click-through rates on all promotional click-throughs.

    Check us out:

  • by Tommy Tan - MKTdojo Fri Sep 28, 2012 via web

    I've suggested using YouTube Celebrities to market a product about 2 years ago but that idea got banned. Only if I have this article to convince my previous supervisor.

    Great article!

  • by David Tue Jul 9, 2013 via web

    I know this is an old article, but in the chance someone sees this comment...
    Would a youtube starlet gain from having their own website? If their following is on youtube, and their content as well, there doesn't seem to be a lot of reason to get a website unless it were to help validify the brand and increase chances of outside sponsors or advertisers. Thoughts?

  • by Brian Cover Fri Oct 9, 2015 via web

    Can someone point me in the direction of good YouTube talent Agency. I want to advertise my product with a YouTube personality.

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