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Why Social Media Marketing May Be Hurting, Rather Than Helping, Your Business

by Matthew Ellis  |  
September 28, 2012

Because nearly everyone nowadays seems to have at least one social media account, many businesses have embraced social media as a way to connect with more people—customers and prospects—and to drive promotions.

A poorly managed business social media campaign, however, can easily backfire if the right measures are not put in place by key people in your organization. Social media is in real time, and something can go wrong in only a millisecond.

So if you're using social media for marketing, what can go wrong? How might you be hurting your business rather than helping it thrive? Here are six likely shortcomings you should look out for and nip in the bud.

1. Not displaying your corporate branding

You would think that most marketing professionals understand the need to use corporate branding on social media. Yet, far too many businesses forget to do just that.

Before you start using social media for your marketing, be sure to brand it carefully across all social media channels. Use your corporate colors, logo, tagline, and vision statement as your guide. To make your social media pages stand out, come up with themes that relate well to your corporate image.

2. Not using the right social media platforms

Marketing a business via social media doesn't have one-size-fits-all solutions. Many businesses try to use Facebook or Twitter accounts alone, with very little else to back up their posts or to interact with others.

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Matthew Ellis writes for Acquirent, which provides outsourced sales services. Acquirent is always looking for great salespeople for sales jobs in Chicago.

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  • by Matt Haskell Fri Sep 28, 2012 via web

    Understanding social media and the new avenues that customers interact on is a prerequisite to making sure that you are using it correctly. This article is spot-on. Technological change has put the power significantly in the hands of the consumer, and businesses need to understand the playing field. Great webinar next week with Forrester about customer intelligence here:

    Keep up the good stuff Matthew! Strong name, too

  • by Rishi Fri Sep 28, 2012 via web

    It's important that "not responding to comments" was mentioned. The problem many social media marketers face is not knowing how to deal with negative comments - for instance, a disgruntled customer complaining on their page. While some marketers choose to reply the comment, others choose to ignore or delete it. While it is important to reply to the comment, avoid solving the customer's problem directly on the page. Instead, reply to their comment with something like "Hi John, send me an email directly at or give me a call and we will fix the issue". By doing so, you are not only offering to fix the issue, but preventing it from becoming a long negative conversation on your Facebook page. Remember that Social Media marketers are not just marketers, they are also CSR's to some extent. Get access to all our marketing cheat sheets, tips, and tricks at

  • by Scott Scowcroft Fri Sep 28, 2012 via web

    Terrific post. Organizations taking your suggestions to heart will likely avoid rookie mistakes. Those who don't do so at their own peril. Social media takes time and the learning curve is high, but the rewards are worth it. I especially like your recommendation of putting the right person/team in charge.

  • by The Social Swede Fri Sep 28, 2012 via mobile

    I keep getting puzzled about this "not responding" thing. I thought it was called "social media" for a reason? Shouting in a megaphone without engaging in dialogue is hardly accepted social behaviour, is it?

  • by Alyona Mon Oct 1, 2012 via web

    I fully agree that ignoring of comments is a big mistake. And also it is really stupid to remove a negative comments without any explanation. Of course, we all know people named "trolls". I think we may to remove negative comments only in case of trolling.

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