With the global economy still slumping, businesses and marketers are embracing new methods of social marketing as a way to spread the word in a more reliable, consistent, and cost-effective way.

Are you taking advantage of all that the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter platforms offer?

Read these quick tips to double-check what you're doing now and identify what you could do better.


1. Complete your personal profile

Set up a full, complete personal profile. The more thorough you are, the easier it will be for people to find you via the search engines. Make sure to list your skills in your profile, complete the summary, and include a professional photo of yourself to increase your credibility.

2. Promote your LinkedIn profile

In your email signature, add a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile. Print it on your business cards, too.

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Sookie Shuen is community manager at inbound marketing consultancy Tomorrow People, where she handles community activities based on the Zoober Inbound Marketing methodology. She also authors the Tomorrow People blog. You can reach her via Google+ and Twitter.